Parker-French Antique Center is what is known in the industry as a Group Shop.  Other names include Antique Malls and Co-ops.  A Group Shop is a collection of individual dealers who rent space within the main shop.  Each dealer is responsible to maintain their space, price and identify their merchandise, and pick up their check from sales.  The shop’s job is to staff the shop, advertise, be open, collect sales and collate the dealers' sales for payment, along with a list of other responsibilities.

At PF , we have over 60 active dealers who work looking for items they think and hope buyers will find attractive.  The merchandise ranges from folk art and primitives, to silver and jewelry, to toys and military, to kitsch and collectibles, etc., etc. Our dealers present a wide assortment based on their knowledge and interest, and as a result of their work and expertice, one never knows what will be found when shopping in our shops.

We have a wide range of experience within our dealer stable.  Some dealers have been with Parker-French since the beginning (in 1976!), while others are newbies to the business.  But they all have one thing in common: a love of antiques and collectibles and a desire to share their finds with other dealers and collectors.  The quality of our dealers is what makes Parker-French such a wonderful shop.

From time to time we will showcase dealers within the shop in this space and let them relay their experiences and interests.

Interested in becoming a Parker-French Dealer?

Spaces rent for $95/month and up.  There is no minimum commitment; we feel that if it is working for you, you’ll stay, but if it's not working, you should not be locked in.

We pay weekly!  It is extra work, but we want dealers coming in to collect their sales and rework their spaces keeping them fresh and updated.  There is no commission on sales; what you sell is what you get.  We collect rents, not commission.

We do have a contract with important points for being a dealer. The contract keeps all dealers on the same page. Major points include:

- No crafts or reproductions made to deceive allowed;
- Sales are paid by check; available weekly;
- Merchandise must be properly identified and priced;
- Imperfect items must be so marked;
- No mass discounting of space (no 30% off my space!);
- We do not have sales (no winter clearance, red tag, spring fling or such);
- We are not responsible for theft, breakage, or loss due to fire, etc. (further explained in contract); and
- And a few other items as listed in the contract.

Please contact us for more information.

VISA/MC, Discover, cash and checks accepted. 


Owners: Richard Bojko & John Mullen